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Adventure 34: Singing on the Street

This evening I completed one of the first original adventures, as seen in Adventure 1. I sang and played guitar on the street corner. There were a lot of people downtown, however I chose a block that not everyone was walking down. I didn't want too many people. A group of ladies stopped and asked me to sing a love song to their friend who was a bride-to-be. The only song I could think of was Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie. It is an amazing love song, however it is a little dark. Very romantic though.

Should you do this adventure?: Yes.


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Adventure 33: 110-foot free fall

This marks the biggest "adventure" to date for me: a 110-foot free fall from a platform into a net.

Working up the courage to do this fall was extremely challenging and several times I felt like not going through with it (in fact, while at the ticket office, I had to take several breaks to the bathroom, outdoors, and paced back and forth before signing my waiver and forking over the money). I kept asking myself "if I was on the Amazing Race, would I complete this challenge?" The answer to that for me was a big yes, and I didn't want to regret not going through with it, knowing I would be able to do it if challenged enough.

For someone with a fear of heights and of falling, this has to be one of the most scary adventures. What you can't see in this video was my constant shaking before, during, and after the jump (which continued hours afterward and even returned slightly when making this video). Once I had made my mind up, I was so focused on getting it done there was no room for fear in my mind, which is why I seem so casual--believe me most of the fear and nervousness happened BEFORE trying to make my mind up. Staring up at a 160-foot tall structure, knowing you'd be dangled from it was pretty intimidating.

Working through this fear was very rewarding, and I'm incredibly proud to say I did this. Sky diving hear I come....someday.

Should you do this adventure?: not that exciting during the act of falling itself, but being able to say you've done it is priceless. Overcoming your fears can be extremely rewarding.

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Adventure 32: San Francisco

It has been 8 months since my last solo-sight seeing trip in Annapolis. Last week I had a research trip to Monterey and Pebble Beach, with a full afternoon with nothing to do, I decided to explore San Francisco before I headed south to my research sites.

Alley off of Powell Street       Cable cars on Powell StreetCable car on Powell Street

Lombard Street             Lombard Street               Top of Lombard Street

Cable cars on Powell Street.          A baseball park on Lombard Street

The coin operated mechanical arcade museum.

I beat the arm wrestling machine several times and drew a small crowd watching me.View of Alcatraz from Fisherman's Wharf

Should you do this adventure?: Yes. Not only did I walk and see a lot that I didn't take pictures of, but I also rode the BART.

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Adventure 31: Rock Climbing

A few weeks ago, Jordan and I went to a local rock climbing wall. At about 60 feet tall it's the tallest outdoor climbing tower in Michigan.

Here's the result:

Of course, Jordan did much better than me, which I'm not afraid to admit. But this was my first time climbing, while Jordan had done it before.

Should you do this adventure?: Sure, but maybe practice technique before hand for a better result than Emily.

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Adventure 30: Zip Line Fun

Should you do this adventure?:
100% YES!

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Adventure 29: Holding a Beetle

As we were walking into our apartment building, Jordan found a large beetle sitting on the front step. Once Emily freaked out about it, he knew there was an Adventure Year post waiting to happen.

Should you do this adventure?: It was a harmless beetle, why not?


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Last Saturday, we went to the self-described largest drive-in theater in the world. Where is this drive-in? Where else, in Dearborn, MI, home of the Ford Motor Company. The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In Theater has 9 screens and is pretty big. We saw Land of the Lost (very funny) and Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian (not so funny).


The only weird thing is that there was no grass! Every other drive-in we have been to, the cars park on grass. Freshly mowed grass makes even a somewhat run-down drive-in look cleaner, nicer. The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In is gravel and pavement. So, as a somewhat run-down drive-in, it was a little creepy and looked even more run-down. The swing set in the right photo had a very eerie creak, squeek that was very horror movie-esque.

Should you do this adventure?: If you live near Dearborn, it is worth the trip. If you don't live near Dearborn, you should check out driveintheater.com and find a theater near you. There is something nostalgic about drive-in theaters.


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Ever since hearing about Locks of Love, I've wanted to donate my hair. I think it's great they make wigs to help children with illnesses that have caused their hair to fall out. I've never had my hair long enough to give...until now. So a few weeks ago after growing it out to donate, I had about 14 inches chopped off and sent them in.

::Cue stunning reveal::

The Before*:

and The After:

Here's me stunned the hair is gone:

* Okay, Jordan and I are obsessed with the infomercial show Pitchmen and I couldn't resist giving a dramatic before and after. A recent photo from 80s night proved valuable. Because trust me, I could not get that big-hair, big-bang style again if I tried. Unless I invested in some Aqua Net.

Should you do this adventure?: Absolutely!!!!! Not only do people actually notice your haircut and compliment it, but you get to feel good helping disadvantaged children. It's a win/win.

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Adventure 26: Running a 5k

I have ran on and off for several years. I tried to use it as a way to get more fit, but it never really stuck. Lately, I have been running more and I now have goals to complete. One is to run a half-marathon. Working up to 13.1 miles, I am running 5k races. There are plenty of these locally, several each weekend. This past week, I ran one in town and finished with a respectable (for me) time: 28:17.8. I stand out in the bright orange in the photos.


I will have to say I was so tired at the end. That finishing picture is of me so focused on breathing and not dying.

Should you do this adventure?: Yes. Its fun running with that many people. Its exciting to finish and not be last!

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Adventure 25: Fondue

A few days ago, we had a food adventure. We went with a couple of friends to a fondue restaurant. The real adventure was that it was a ~3 hour meal! The food was good. The cheese was great. The chocolate was great.


Adding to the excitement of the evening, the restaurant had a golden egg prize basket. Inside each egg was a prize of some kind. Our friends selected an egg with a $10 coupon for their next visit. Emily dug around in the basket, pulled out an egg, and inside was a free dinner coupon for two! When the full course meals for two are around $100, we were very excited to be able to return for free!

Should you do this adventure?: The place we went to was a little expensive, but it was a great experience. Plus, you cannot go wrong with cheese and chocolate.


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